To Manna, quality is of great importance. We focus not only on the quality of our products, but also on the quality of our employees. After all, our employees are crucial to achieving high quality together.

We strive for continuous improvement in all our activities. Processes, instructions and registrations are constantly being questioned and improved where necessary.
Our employees always stay up to date thanks to a thorough training plan. This is the only way that our quality level increase.

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We also participate in an unannounced audit system (the IFS food safety check), in addition to our standard external IFS Food and G019 audit guide. After all, an unexpected external audit is an opportunity for us to learn and to become even better!

You can find our certificates below:

You can find a more detailed policy statement about our quality system here.

Any questions about quality at Manna?

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This is our emergency number to report severe complaints (danger for food safety) – this number may not be used for other purposes: +32 (0) 477 33 29 97