About us Sustainability
About us Sustainability

Manna is committed to sustainability

At Manna, we want to continue to grow in a way that is sustainable. Where possible, we want to generate value for all stakeholders with minimum waste of raw materials, energy and talent.

After all, as a company, we have a responsibility that goes beyond our owners. Our employees, for example, always come first. We are an employer who cares, with a sustainable personnel policy. We also strive to build sustainable partnerships with our customers. And whenever possible, we choose to establish long-term relationships with our suppliers. What's more, we are also actively involved in the well-being of our local community. We recruit locally for the most part and we therefore have a responsibility for creating jobs, among other things.

Sustainable initiatives at Manna

In recent years, we have launched quite a few sustainable actions.


Manna specifically looks for employees who live within a radius of maximum 10 kilometres. After all, working closer to home results in a better work-life balance. Employees are also encouraged to cycle to work.

Less waste

When our sauces can no longer be sold to customers, because of limited ‘best-before’ dates, they are donated to the organisation Moeders voor Moeders (Mothers for Mothers).

Manna - Groenten
Buying locally

Whenever possible, we work with high-quality, local ingredients. Not only because we want to support other Flemish companies, but also to keep the transport needed for these ingredients to a minimum. We also consider it very important to develop sustainable, long-term relationships with the suppliers of our ingredients.


We try to make a contribution to society by working, whenever possible, with Supported Employment Companies. Thus, for work that cannot be carried out in our own production facility, we make use of a local Sheltered Workplace in Antwerp.


Since 2014, Manna has made an annual contribution to Cliniclowns. In both 2016 and 2017, a sum of 20,000 € was donated to Cliniclowns through a viral Social Media campaign in collaboration with Piet Huysentruyt and Van Echelpoel.

We also try our best to react to as many as possible requests from all kinds of youth groups and associations for the sponsoring by providing free sauces.

Well-being at work

The well-being of our employees is a priority at Manna. We focus on ‘people’, not on ‘results’. Manna strives to create a positive environment where employees have room to develop themselves to their fullest. We also regularly organise company activities in order to encourage casual interaction between employees and to strengthen the connection with the company.


In 2011, solar panels were installed on the entire roof in Wijnegem. This supplies us with enough green energy to cover all the electricity consumption of Manna as well as giving a portion of it back to the electrical grid.

We also limit water pollution as much as possible. We process our own wastewater first before sending it to be processed by the Antwerp municipal services.


We also recently began transporting finished products via the Albertkanaal. They are transported by barge from our production site to the port of Antwerp. In this way, we aim to take as many trucks as we can off the road in order to reduce the traffic congestion and limit our own CO2 emissions.