Manna in the past, now and in the future

Manna in the past, now and in the future
Manna in the past, now and in the future

Our values

Our goal at Manna? Continue to grow nationally and internationally in a sustainable way.

We always assume our 6 values. By applying these values, our motivated team makes a difference every day.


Manna invests permanently in the quality of our team and is only satisfied with excellent performance. We produce top quality products with the necessary care and high-quality raw materials. We guarantee a high-quality service with the aim of developing a long-term relationship. We are constantly working on excellent internal and external communication.


The customer is Manna's main focus, and that is only possible if all our employees demonstrate the necessary customer focus: in all our business processes, the requirements and wishes of our customers must come first. We can only turn our customers into partners through great commitment and strong engagement of all our employees!


We strive for efficient operation in all departments by putting the right person in the right place. We use all resources as optimally as possible and reduce costs to a minimum. That is possible if each of our employees manages his job as if Manna were his/her own company!


With this value, we stimulate our employees' sense of initiative, launching ideas and turning them into concrete actions. Making mistakes is human and allowed, as long as we learn the right lessons from it! We also expect every employee to take his or her responsibility.


All colleagues participate in an open and transparent corporate culture, in which a critical and constructive attitude and openness are encouraged. We communicate directly with the right colleague, not through the grapevine.


At Manna there is a familiar and informal atmosphere: here people are not numbers but valuable individuals. We all take initiatives to encourage team spirit and we strive for a good balance between work and private life. We are convinced that those who enjoy working also work better!

Our mission

At Manna we have genuine appreciation and respect for all stakeholders.

Our customers are our partners and it is our employees who make the difference.

We strive for structural growth and long-term profitability.