Did you know that Manna exports to more than 50 countries? So rest assured, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to support you. Do you need a fast service? Then you have come to the right place.

A reliable partner

Do you want to import and/or export real Belgian sauces? Discover why Manna is the right partner for you here:

  • We have an extensive range of different flavours*, with both warm and cold sauces.
  • We offer different types of packages*  in a variety of sizes.
  • To further automate our production and increase our capacity, we are constantly investing in new machines and systems.

* Please take into account the minimal volumes below per reference per year:
     - 30 palettes for an existing recipe under your own brand
     - 50 palettes for a new recipe which we don’t produce yet


Discover our packaging here

The customer is king

Customer focus is one of the values that our employees apply every day. We always provide excellent service.

Thanks to our flexible production planning, we can develop new flavours and packaging in the short term. This allows us to respond quickly to your needs and wishes.


We export our sauces to more than 50 countries. For these countries, we already have extensive knowledge of the various requirements (documents, transport, etc.). You can also come to us for the necessary advice.

Looking for a specific taste for your market? No problem! We develop a customised recipe together with you. We have no less than 25 different mayonnaise recipes, each adapted to the taste of the local population.

Innovation and CSR

Our in-house R&D department takes care of the optimisation of our existing recipes and the development of new, surprising flavours on a daily basis. We recently developed:

Also in the future we strive to grow in a sustainable way. Discover here which sustainable actions we have already taken and how we want to continue to undertake in a socially responsible way in the future.

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